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Top 10 SEO Packages was established by a team of creative internet marketeers and SEO experts working in delivering different clients and businesses websites to the top 10 of Google since 2004. Our highly experienced team has worked hard to learn and implement the best Google SEO techniques and provide premium customer service and experience with affordable pricing. We have experts working with us from different countries, bringing the best expertise to our company and clients.

Our Vision and Mission

During past years members of our team worked on high-end SEO and SEM campaign for large clients, banks and financial institutes and noticed a increasing demand for low-cost SEO services for small bushiness, start-ups, non-profit organizations and other parties who don't have large SEO budget and extra cautious for new venues for their business. Seeing a new niche in the market we formed a company "Top 10 SEO Packages" to offer all our clients a top-notch performance based SEO services at affordable prices. Our goal is to bring clients top 10 ranking for keywords with high volume of search traffic and make their businesses profitable and popular by using the power of SEO, Internet Marketing and SEM using our team accumulated knowledge and experience.

We proud to offer unique and authoritative backlinks, techniques, SEO packages, SEO solution and custom campaigns. All methods and techniques we use in our work has proved their efficiency during past years and we continuously adjust them to comply with latest to Google Guidelines for Webmasters.

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Top 10 SEO Packages is a global digital SEO firm. Rated as the #1 affordable SEO Company in North America/UK/Australia by Google, the client base extends across various industries and geographies. Our head office is located in Toronto. We welcome our clients and interested parties to call and schedule a visit with our team anytime.
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140 Yonge st
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5C 1X6

(647) 560-9623 Toronto, Canada all inquires

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About Us

Our company offers a wide range of services from web design to online marketing. Our affordable pricing makes our services available to any type of websites and businesses. Our goal is to make your website succeed online with the help of SEO, social media and internet marketing.