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Our SEO Packages FAQ

I have a e-commerce/real estate/restaurant/roofing website. Will your packages work for me?

Absolutely! Our SEO packages is a perfect fit for any type of business and keywords, geographical area and type of optimization (global/local). Moreover we know exactly what SEO work need to be done to rank your website on a first page of Google. Our specialists worked on all type of projects starting from local flower shop to watches eCommerce websites (worldwide), from Los Angles to Tokyo. We can rank any keywords for any websites for any City or Country.

Another SEO company has packages with larger amount of links. Is it something special about your backlinks?

In a post Google Penguin and Panda era more attention need to be given to quality of links rather then quantity. One link to your site coming from quality article on a reputable site could improve your ranking better then 1000 low quality links coming from unknown or bad neighbourhoods. We use only links and domains that proved their effectiveness in improving our clients rank. Our policy is to offer performance based services that will improve your ranking, not just selling you number of backlinks like other companies do.

I'm new to SEO and don't know how does it work and just want traffic/visitors/leads/help with keywords/advise.

You are on a right spot! We are the full cycle SEO company and we can help you with all your internet marketing needs (SEO, PPC, Google Places, SEO webdesign and maintenance) . To be able to provide services at affordable prices we offer free consultation, full SEO analysis, on-site optimization and advises, suggestion for the right keywords only to our clients on  monthly SEO packages or other SEO solutions. If you don't want to subscribe to our services and just want an advise on your SEO campaign we offer SEO analysis service with one time fee ($100).

There are so many SEO companies offering almost the same packages and services. How are you different?

Our policy is to be honest and transparent to our potential and existing clients. Our goal is not just sell you the number of backlinks but to optimize related keywords with good amount of search traffic and improve your ranking from not in top 100 to top 10 (first page) of Google. Other companies will only mention "recommended period - 6 month", "12 years in business", "we helped 1000 companies", "improve your ranking", "get tons of traffic", "be on top/front of Google" but will all that help your website be on first page of Google?

90% of our clients keywords rank top 10 within 3-6 months, some low competitive keywords rank first page of Google even faster - within 1-2 months. We give a personal analysis and advise to every client and closely monitor their SEO campaigns because your success is our success! 


I want to start SEO campaign for my website today. How do you work and what is the procedure?

After you select and subscribe to our monthly SEO package on our website our specialists will start SEO analysis (1-2 weeks) for you website to find its ranking, on-site and off-site SEO state and will send you a report and recommendation. Off-site optimization and link building starts after a week after subscription after we prepare necessary articles, content and schedule submissions. Backlinks and ranking reports provided monthly and also can be available at request. We describe our services as stealth SEO services and can't disclose direct links to some submission to keep our methods clean, efficient and secure. In your monthly SEO report you will find only links that can be tracked and open for public. There is no need to monitor you campaign daily or weekly at the first 1-3 month as this time Google will spend on crawling newly created backlinks and all changes have been done to you site. After first month you will be changed automatically by Paypal and our services continue for the next month. 


Will your SEO packages guarantee me #1 rankings?

Our SEO packages a build to provide performance/result based results by gradually improve you keywords rank in search engine overtime. Although our pricing will not allow us to provide 100% guarantees on ranking for all your keywords, as well as your expectations on traffic or sales overtime. We do our best in providing you quality backlinks and improve your ranking and it is our goal to rank your website top 10 within 6 month (for low to medium competitive keywords). Sometimes then you use our Basic SEO package to optimize high competitive keywords in real estate, law or construction businesses it is hard to rank fast and high and get a sustainable results as you compete with companies (1st and 2nd Pages) which SEO budgets is way over $1000/month. If you have a limited time frame to rank top 10 you need to subscribe to a professional SEO package (750$) but instead of 20 keywords we will run optimization for 5-7 keywords. For details contact us prior purchase.

How long does it take to start seeing results in your SEO services?

Results may vary. If the keywords you are trying to rank for are very popular and competitive (like "real estate New York"), the results will take longer. Optimization can run 3-6 months for competitive keywords and a first page result. Some clients have seen first page rankings within the first 30 days (for low competitive keywords). The answer just depends! We will give you an estimate based on our experience within first month after start you SEO campaign when we see how Google reacts to your site and our optimization, but it is never an exact science.

Can you get me rank top 1/top 3/top 5 ?

Absolutely! After your website will rank top 10 for selected keywords within next 1-3 months it will continue to improve its ranking until it hit top 1-5 spot (if you keep our subscribtion to our packages). Timeline will depends on your website performance, Google authority rank and other factors and can be predicted more accurately after 2-3 month from start of SEO packages subscription. 


Will you optimize my website for Bing and Yahoo as well?

Yes. Our work will take effect in all search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Note that Bing and Yahoo is much slower then Google in terms of crawling changes, backlinks and improve your ranking. For some website it can take additional 2-5 month to see results in Bing. 


My website has been previously (or currently) penalized/blacklisted/deindexed by Google. Can you help in this matter?

Yes. Our team has experience recovering websites from different sort of penalties like duplicate content, viruses, poor navigation, poor meta tag setup, aggressive and harmful backlinks (off-site) campaign and others issues. Before subscribing to our SEO packages contact our team with link to your site and your SEO history so we can analyse and make recommendations. Aside from regular submissions for your SEO packages we will work on fixing your website status in Google with no additional charge (only SEO packages subscription cost). Note that for blacklisted domains it will take an additional 1-3 months to rank 10. 

What kind of links do you use in your SEO services? Do you practice Black Hat SEO techniques?

We have our own database of website and services that Google likes and does not consider as link farms. In our backlinks camping we use a diversity of social media, bookmaking, articles, press releases, and directories. To make our campaign look natural we use some of PR0 links as well as no-follow links because Google will find out that you trying to trick the system by creating only High PR links. We don't link to you site directly from public blog comments as they usually abused by other webmasters (1000 links on one page), also we don't spin articles as Google will easily detects such activity and might penalize your website. We use only White Hat SEO Techniques with a variety of link quality Google Page Rank. 

Why is my site not showing up in the search engines?

There are various reasons your web site may not show up, or display well, in search engine results. You may not be using a SEO friendly web design, your site may not be "readable" by the search engines and you may be missing key information for your page to be properly indexed by the search engines. Also, use of some scripts may prevent search engines from indexing your site and/or you may not have properly submitted your site to the search engines. There are more reasons why a site may or may not be showing up in the search engine results....but that's why we're here. To help you solve the mystery of SEO. To all our clients we give free support and SEO analysis and encourage you to not expect results overnight or rights after start of you SEO package. 

Does this work for foreign language sites?
Currently our services and packages will work only for english speaking regions and countries.

What forms of payments do you accept?
We currently accept Paypal, which allows you to use any major credit card like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, bank wire, E-Check, etc. You can chose and subscribe to our services here. Once you subscribe, Paypal will charge your credit card (or other method of payment used at the time of subscription) automatically every month on the amount of selected SEO package. You can cancel your subscription any time from your Paypal account.

What’s your cancellation policy on SEO packages subscription? Do you have any additional fees?
You can cancel or pause your campaign easily anytime. There is no cancellation fee and all our links a permanent so you will not loose any ranking. Although overtime your website ranking will gradually decrease in search engine result pages as you competitors work on their own campaigns and sooner or later they will outrank your site if you not continuously optimize your site. All our packages pricing is based on what you see is what you get policy and we don't have any additional setup/cancellation/modification/recovering fees. Everything you will be charged is your monthly SEO package subscription

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