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EDU Article Links


1. What Is The Difference Between other companies EDU and GOV backlinks and your EDU Articles services?

Google knows all the blogs and directories that already abused by other webmasters and SEO companies. Yes you can get a EDU 50 links for $10, but Google will not simply use them in ranking because backlink will be placed on spammy pages (link farm), next to other thousands of backlinks in comment section to other sites and will not pass any link authority to your site. Our database consist of EDU domains that allow us to post an unique relevant article with dofollow backlink to your site.

2. What are PRs for EDU domains?

EDU domains usually have a very high PR 5-8. Not only PR value that matter - the fact that this is a EDU domain and not everyone can create a backlink there make Google like EDU links even more.

3. Why do I need EDU links?

EDU links are very important if you optimizing a very competitive keywords. They will not guarantee and automatic jump to top 1 but will significantly improve your ranking (couple of pages)

4. How would I know how many links do I need to buy? How significant ranking improvement will be for my keywords and site?

If you not sure you can start with 5 links and track changes in traffic and ranking. There is no definite answer on how much these links will impact your site. Some medium competitive keywords for some sites will move 4-6 pages up some just couple positions up.  It depends on many factors like your current rank, previous SEO activities, on-page optimization, market competitiveness and etc.

5. Are those links permanent?

Yes. Links and account will stay as long as EDU domain exist. There is no guarantee that the owner of domain (University or College) will not change it's mind and will not redesign or clean-up old accounts or some records.

6. I bought this links but don't see tons of traffic coming to my site. 

We do not recommend you to buy EDU link separately without ordering our monthly SEO packages. Only if you fully understand advantages of this method or you need to move couple of keywords from top 20-40 to top 10 of Google SERP you can purchase this solution. Although we do not provide any guarantee on traffic and ranking.


With every purchase you will get:

  • 5 EDU Posts
  • Each EDU post will have 400 words of unique relevant content and links to your website (on your chose)
  • 45 bookmarks/property pointed to your EDU posts for indexation and authority (5 EDU properties is 225 bookmarks)
  • Relevant images are used where it’s applicable
  • We’ll make several steps to ensure your posts are indexed
  • Full reporting with URL
  • Only unique and relevant content is used to make everything look credible
  • Completion time 1-3 weeks


 Pay with any major credit card or Paypal through our payment gateway 2Checkout.

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