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How Our SEO Packages Can Help Your Business

Number of searches made online for local business, services and online shopping is growling every day and many analytics agreed that whiting couple of years almost all population of the earth will have access to internet and all searches will be don't online. It makes critical to every business to be presented and found online. And to help you understand the process of SEO we use the following steps in every website success on Google. 

1. Create a good looking website and fill it with information about your services, products and company info. 

Right after launch and without proper SEO it might be found only on page 10-50 of search engines result pages and will not be found there by regular users as 95% of them never pass page 2 in results.

2. Select keywords relevant to your business.

It is important to understand that users will not search your company name to find services. They will use generic terms like "wood floor", "flowers New York" or "buy used car in London" and you will find a lot of competitors that trying to compete for the same keywords and only one whose on the first page will win the business. You can use free Keywords Suggestion tool from Google to find keywords and evaluate number of searches and possible traffic you can get -

3. Subscribe to our SEO packages

After you subscribe to our SEO Packages our team will work on your site and you will notice that your ranking will improve from month to month until it reach top 10 (1st page) of Google. In average our clients ranking improvements will look like 

Keyword after 1st month after 2nd month after 3rd month after 4th month after 5th month
keyword 1 Not in top 100 Not in top 100 80 35 11
keyword 2 98 74 51 12 5
keyword 3 Not in top 100 Not in top 100 69 20 9
keyword 4 Not in top 100 89 74 33 10

but it can depends on many factors like previous SEO activities, on-site optimization, duplicate content, any penalties from search engines and etc. We will asses your overall your SEO performance and will give you our suggestion and recommendations. Result above applies for cases with good backlinks profile, no previous black hat SEO and penalties while following our recommendations on improving SEO performance.  

How To Select Right Package?

If you own a small/local business, and have never used SEO services before it will be recommended to go for 5 keywords at the beginning to understand how SEO services works, what sort of feedback/Return On Investments/number of calls you will get after your keywords reach top 10. You can also select package with more keywords if you willing to target different geographical regions with more services or products.

If you optimized your website previously (other SEO company or by yourself) but haven't reached any result/was blacklisted/penalized you can subscribe to any package and we will start optimization for your website on a regular basis but ranking in top 10 could take and additional time (1-3 months) due to nature of SEO. We will need to evaluate and find weaknesses and use different strategy for off-site submissions to make sure Google will lift any penalties or filters from your site within couple of months and will start ranking your site accordingly   

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