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SEO Packages Explained

 On-Site Optimization is an integral and important part of our SEO packages. To ensure top 10 ranking for your website we will run multiple tests and check to make sure your website uses the best Google Webmaster Guidelines practices. 

Comprehensive On-site Analysis

Our SEO experts know exactly what on-site optimization need to be done to make Google love your site. Some of techniques and methods is not that important as others. At this stage we determine our on-site and off-site optimization and our projected timeline as well.


  • Domain Related Analysis
  • Site Loading Time
  • Text Content Check
  • Images Check
  • Meta Data Analysis
  • Ranking Check
  • Dead Link and Spelling Error Check
  • Search engine verification check
  • Traffic Analysis
  • HTML status check for web pages


Keyword Research

Keywords – those search terms that bring your targeted traffic from search engines and are the foundation of page optimization.

Prior to start of SEO we check our clients keywords to see if they will generate a good number of targeted leads. Some keywords might be not that effective as others and will not bring any traffic. For example long tails keywords (4-5 keywords) sometimes have no searches at all and we will suggest to change them to more effective one. You can use Google Keyword Suggestion Tools To find keywords relevant to your business We also can help you with selecting keywords after you subscribe to our SEO Packages.


HTML And Content Optimization

We will perform a technical SEO audit of your website and will look at every technical error that might be preventing your website rank higher. Some of the SEO issues and checks we will look at as part of the technical SEO audit include: 301 redirects, duplicate content check, 404 issues, over optimizations, hidden content, keyword overstuffing and other. 


Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml Creation

To ensure your website recognized and properly indexed by search engines we will create sitemap file and submit it to Google. Robot.txt will prevent Google from crawling sensitive information or admin directories. 


Internal Links Optimization

Internal linking is important part of SEO and can improve your website ranking if your are using proper anchor texts, nofollow tags and linking methods. We determine and tune up your overall SEO performance.

Title, Description, Keyword Meta Tags

Use of Title and Meta Descriptions tags is extremely important in SEO and it could keep your site off top 100 results if used improperly. We check and rewrite if needed each title and meta description to make sure its relevant to optimized page and to help Google recognize content on your website for better ranking.

Google Analytics And Webmasters Tools Setup

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to get full visitors statistics on visited pages user behaviour on your site and some website metrics. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to get information on how Google interact with your website, how many pages crawled a day, how many errors, whats the impression and many other factors and information.  

Alt Tag Optimization

Using proper Alt tags for images can help Google recognize graphical content and improve your ranking and visitors coming from Google images search. 

Usability Analysis

Wondering why visitors don't stay long on your website or you have a high bounce rate? Usability audit will find all weaknesses of your site whether it outdated design, poor navigation or insufficient content and will help improve browsing experience. 


Off-site link building campaign

Major Directory Submissions

We submit website to multiple directories (PR7-PR1) according to their submission guidelines. We select most relevant categories while submitting. All submitted links checked and verified manually by directories administrators with an average approval time 1 week - 4 months. It will give your natural and delayed link building. 

Example of directories: (PR4) (PR4) (PR3)


Press Releases Written/Submitted

Press release is a short article/news/description/promotional text which is usually 100-200 words long and has a backlink to your site. For each submission we write unique content and submit it only once to high PR 1-5 website, blog or directory.

Articles Written/Submitted

All articles are written for your keywords are usually 250-500 words long. Each article submitted to highly trusted article websites and directories (PR 1-5) only once to avoid duplication and any penalties from Google.


Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarking is another great way to boost the rank of your website and make pages and links indexed by Google faster. We bookmark your home page as well as internal pages to various social bookmark sites and prepare a detailed report for you. 


Profile Link Building

We create good quality links from forum, article directories, blogs and social website profiles. Promoted social profile links include additional promotional text to such profiles, which make them even more powerful. 


Domain Retweets

Tweets about one of your product or service or website from people twitter account. You will get some social media love and buzz and it will help with SEO ranking as well. 


Facebook Likes

Other Facebook users will like your pages with services and products sending Google signals about your popularity among users. Each like will create a link to your site on Facebook and make it more reputable for Google 

Pinterest, Digg and Delicious Bookmarks

The same as Facebook and Twitter these social bookmaking sites will send Google signals that your website has valuable for users content and that will help get ranking and sustainable results. There are many researches claiming that social media and networks impact on ranking has significantly increased over the last couple years and will continue to grow. We will help you not only reach top 10 but help your stay on top in the future. 

Tier 2 backlinks (for fast indexing and ranking)

After all main monthly submissions for your site are completed (articles, social bookmarks, profiles and etc.) we will create a good number of links (rss, social bookmarks, blog comments) pointing to those freshly created backlinks. It will help Google to find and index new links faster and pass more link juice to your site. 

Tier 2 backlinks


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